Deliver the leading-edge technology of software testing to all people

There still exists so many problems in the realm of the software testing.

Many engineers or testers are annoyed by the problems such as "Weekly repetitive testing is very boring" or "Testing makes it difficult to shorten the release cycle" or "Increased features increase the test pattern, and it slows down the development speed".

They dream the ideal world like "Every features are automatically tested every time modifying the source code" or "Distributed quite test tells the quality information across all envionments", but it takss too much time and efforts to realize this from scratch.

We aim to realize the world where these people can easily carry out the ideal software testing with leading-edge technologies.

Our mission is to provide the excellent solution of quality assurance, which is accessible to everyone and handy and fast and accelerates the software development, to all people involved with software testing.

About us

Corporate nameTRIDENT Inc.
The scope of businessOperate and develop "Magic Pod", a test automation service using AI technologies
PresidentNozomi Ito
HistoryJuly 6, 2012      Established.Provide Selenium/test automation support
July, 2017         Launched AI test automation service "Magic Pod"
August, 2018   Increased Capital to 1,900 million yen  
Capital19 million yen
AddressSagami Bldg 2F, 7-13-6 Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 104-0061

About the president

Nozomi Ito

Nozomi Ito

Graduated from Kyoto University Graduate School of Informatics.
Joined a major package vendor.
Awarded the president’s prize for the development of a test automation tool loaded with a unique engine.

Became an independent entrepreneur and founded TRIDENT Inc. in 2012.
Committed to the construction of test infrastructure for customers by using tools, such as Selenium.
Establihed the Japan Selenium User Community. Held the international conference SeleniumConf for the first time in Japan in 2019.
Engaging in the development of Magic Pod, a test automation service using machine learning, since 2017.

Main writings (Japanese books):
"Selenium Practice Entry Course" "System Test Automation Standard Guide "

"Rakuten Technology & Innovation Award 2019"

Presentations on Conferences:
"Appium Conf 2019" "TCSE 2019" "Rakuten Technology Conference 2019" and many others