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Deliver the leading-edge technology of software testing to all people

There still exists so many problems in the realm of the software testing.

Many engineers or testers are annoyed by the problems such as "Weekly repetitive testing is very boring" or "Testing makes it difficult to shorten the release cycle" or "Increased features increase the test pattern, and it slows down the development speed".

They dream the ideal world like "Every features are automatically tested every time modifying the source code" or "Distributed quite test tells the quality information across all envionments", but it takss too much time and efforts to realize this from scratch.

We aim to realize the world where these people can easily carry out the ideal software testing with leading-edge technologies.

Our mission is to provide the excellent solution of quality assurance, which is accessible to everyone and handy and fast and accelerates the software development, to all people involved with software testing.

Company Overview


Corporate name TRIDENT Inc.
The scope of business Operate and develop "MagicPod", a test automation cloud service using AI technologies
President Nozomi Ito
History July 6, 2012  Established.Provide Selenium/test automation support
July, 2017  Launched AI test automation service "MagicPod"
August, 2018  Increased Capital by 10 million yen
April, 2020  Increased Capital by 50 million yen
July, 2021  Increased Capital by 300 million yen  
Capital 369 million yen
Address Sagami Bldg 2F, 7-13-6 Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 104-0061
Contact +81-50-7122-0338
If you would like to contact us, plese use the contact form(https://www.trident-qa.com/en/contact/) instead of the phone call.




Nozomi Ito

After graduating from the Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University, he joined Works Applications Co., Ltd. and won the president's award for his achievement in test automation tool development.
After that, he started his own business and established TRIDENT. Aiming to promote test automation, he founded “Japan Selenium User Community”, wrote “Introduction to Selenium Practice”, gave lectures at international conferences, and held the first “Selenium Conf” in Japan. Recently he is working on the development of MagicPod.
A sincere, humble, and beloved leader. “I've never seen he yells at others or acts arrogant,” says an associate. He’s not good at getting bogged down at something or working in an inefficient way. He loves automation and business organization.

Chief engineer

Hiroko Tamagawa

Completed the Graduate program of Information Science and Engineering at the University of Tokyo. After acquiring experience as a web engineer, she turned to a test engineer and helped to establish an environment and promote the operation of CI/ Test Automation to combine Jenkins and Selenium. Joined TRIDENT in 2019, in charge of the development of MagicPod.  She has translated “ Introduction to Test Automation” and supervised the publication of “Selenium Design Patters and Best Practices”.Provide accurate and subtle follow-ups for others; always reliable for everyone. With the help of useful appliances, striking a balance between child raising and her career.


Masayuki Wakizaka

Completed the Graduate School program of Information Science and Engineering at Ritsumeikan University. After working as a test automation engineer and test manager at SHIFT Inc., he joined TRIDENT and was in charge of a wide range of development work centered on the test function of mobile applications. He has also contributed to the Appium/ Chromium project and has had presentations at international conferences and JaSST/ STAC. A JSTQB AL TA holder.
Laughing out very loud, in despite of the tame appearance. Enjoy tennis and sometimes cycling. Embracing decluttering through MERCARI (a marketplace application) lately.


Satoshi Kamiyama

After graduating from the University of Tsukuba Humanities and Culture Group, he joined the Ground Self-Defense Force of the Ministry of Defense. A talent who has passed the TRIDENT coding test with the passing rate of 10% after just one year of self-study and work experience.
A shy person in despite the outstanding performance in work. His private life is mysterious as he doesn’t talk much. A diligent person, straightforward and always take actions.

Infrastructure / CI engineer

Hiroshi Toda

After graduating from the Faculty of Science, Chiba University, he engaged in Web system development and launch of business system packages for emerging electric power companies. After working on an automatic E2E test environment construction project for Web systems, he was then involved in the world of automatic E2E testing. Joined the development project of MagicPod in 2016. He’s one of the authors of “Introduction to Practical Selenium” and “Professional Explanation of the Frontline of Selenium”.
He’s very considerate and intelligent. All TRIDENT associates count on Toda-san when there are problems; Commonly known as “Computer Dad”. Very much into cooking these days.


Hidenori Kojima

After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, he engaged in the exclusive productivity improvement measures at the Infrastructure Team of Works Applications Technology. A “super engineer” who developed an educational app with 1 million downloads.
Looks cool at first glance, but very passionate and super motivating in work indeed.  He is stylish and his fashion is different every time we see him.His hobby is guitar.

PR and user community manager

Junko Tagami

After graduating from the Faculty of Humanities at Nanzan University, she joined a printing company as a director. Joined TRIDENT in 2021 as a public relations. She is also a mother of two, and during her childcare leave she launched the "Nagoya Working Mothers' Association" together with her friends. She has won numerous awards at various business contests such as the 1st Business Plan Contest Excellence Award sponsored by Venture Bank, the Tokai Business Design Discovery & Presentation 2019 Best Award and Special Award. Her newest hobbies are ukulele and crayfish fishing. Very much in to the keyword “MagicPod” on Twitter.

Back-office staff

Hanako Goda

After graduating from the College of Literature at Aoyama Gakuin University, she has engaged in a wide range of planning, arrangements, and tour guides at a travel agency. An experienced accompanying guide mainly in Europe but also other countries around the world such as North America and the Middle East. Also, achieved sales of over 200 million Japanese yen with her exclusive tour planning, winner of an in-house product contest.

Handling a huge amount of work with her unique understanding and judgment in the limited time of every day. Dare to voice out her opinions in a fair, objective manner based on her sharp observation. A mother of two, currently having shorter workdays.


Rihoko Funabashi

After graduating from the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Sophia University, joined Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. and En Japan Inc. and worked in the fields of advertising sales, writing, and editing. Previously in charge of new web service launching. Outside work, in addition to book selection for individuals and corporations, she is a teacher of math, science, and document creation software, along with a contract-based video producer. She has been awarded the annual award sponsored by the side work support service for three consecutive years.

Normally very humble but stunningly quick in actions and extremely curious of different things. From New York, with over 10 different kinds of qualifications.