How to create an App file

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If you want to create and run your test on iOS simulator, you need to prepare the App file for your mobile application.

If you create a test case for your own mobile app, please ask the mobile app developers to prepare the App file, or generate the App file from the source code by yourself according to the following step.

  1. Open the project of your mobile app by Xcode (You need a Mac machine)
  2. Change the build target to the appropriate iOS simulator ([1] in Fig.1)
  3. Run build ([2] in Fig.1)
  4. Once the build succeeds, you will find the App file under the Products folder ([3] in Fig.1)
  5. Right-click the filer and choose "Show in Finder", and then you can move to the location of App file ([4] in Fig.1)
Fig.1 Generate and get an App file

You can also download and use Magic Pod Demo App.