Available positionEngineer
Major activitiesDevelopment and operation of Magic Pod, a test automation service using machine learning
Skills you can acquirePython (Django, Celery, etc)
Test automation (Selenium, Appium, Device farm cloud services, etc)
Machine learining (as in deep learning)
Low layer technologies (iOS, Android, Selenium, Appium)
Node.js (Electron, Mocha, etc)
AWS (EC2, ECS, S3, IAM, etc)
CI (CircleCI, Bitrise, AppVeyor, etc)
Others (Go Lang, MySQL, Swagger, Redis, Docker, Fluentd, JSLint)
EnvironmentCommunication on Slack and Github are all in English.
Working patternsNegotiable (Permanent staff, part-time staff, sideline business, etc.)
Work from home & remote working & shorter working hoursWelcome
Salary6,000,000- yen a year (for full-time work)
Stock option

Application method

If you wish to work with us or get more information, please feel free to call us from Contact Page.